CPCP – Certified Professional Coach-Training Program
(7th edition in HK)

ICF Accredited Coaching Training Program

According to the research findings by U.S.-based ROI Institute, Coaching is the most effective way for corporate employees’ development, achieving ROI of 1824%, far more than consulting, mentoring and training.

Nowadays, in corporate and organizations, coaching has become a powerful tool to help business owners, managers, supervisors, executives and employees to achieve their personal development and people management goals. More and more institutions require their managers to acquire coaching skills to motivate and develop employees to produce high-performance results for the organization.

Accessible and empowering managerial styles are most associated with growing businesses. While authoritarian and reactive managerial styles are most associated with declining businesses. Developing coaching skills and coaching mindsets have become more important than ever in the working environment.

Program Structure:

Module 1 – Coaching foundations  (Basic Coaching Tools and Skills)
Module 2 – Advanced coaching skills (Emotion Exploration)
Module 3 – Coaching application and feedbacks (Awareness Expansion)
Module 4 – Coaching Practice and Coach-Mentoring

The program is designed for:

  • Business Owner, Entrepreneurs, Business Starters
  • Senior Management, HR Managers, Supervisors, Executives
  • Sales, Marketing, Public Relations Executives
  • Social Workers, Education Professionals, Therapists
  • Anyone responsible for talent management
  • Anyone looking to pursue a career as a professional coach

Program Medium:

Class:              Teaching in English.  Choice of English, Mandarin or Cantonese in practice sessions.
Study-book:   English

Class Schedule:


Module 1 – 3: Dr. Paul Jeong (ICF – MCC) (IAC – MMC)

Dr. Paul Jeong is The only Master Certified Coach (MCC) in ICF (International Coach Federation) and Master Masteries Coach (MMC) in IAC (The International Association of Coaching) in the world. Dr. Paul Jeong owns two Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP) recognized by International Coach Federation (ICF) and have trained 2,500 coaches so far.

  • Master Certified Coach (MCC), International Coach Federation (ICF)
  • Master Masteries Coach (MMC), The International Association of Coaching(IAC)
  • Served on the International Board of The International Association of Coach (IAC)
  • Certified Master Trainer by American Board of NLP, American Board of Hypnosis, and Timeline Therapy Association
  • Professor of International Coaching MBA program at Ajou University
  • Professor of YeonSei University in Seoul, Korea
  • Developed Client’s internal coach training program for LG Electronics and SK Telecom etc.,

Module 4: Michael Stratford (ICF – MCC)

Michael Stratford, well-known as the Provocateur of Transformation, Speaker, Master Certified Coach and Author, is a personal growth expert with such an innovative and unique approach, he is known for unleashing personal and business transformations. As a member of ICF Credential Assessor (ACC, PCC and MCC) over 15 years. Michael establishes the world’s first ICF MCC ACTP Program and writes training materials for Coach U and Corporate Coach U.

As a Master Certified Coach, Michael Stratford has trained more than 6,000 coaches worldwide, developed curriculum for four coach training organizations and trained their trainers. Michael has worked with individuals and groups on leadership development at Cisco Systems, Ford Motor Company, General Motors, GE, The Whirlpool Corporation, Wells Fargo, and Blizzard Entertainment. He has designed in-house workshops for companies including QuickLogic, Leading Initiatives Worldwide, and Wells Fargo. He often teaches at Brandman/Chapman College in Orange County, California, having co-created their “Coaching Skills for Business Leaders” Program.

Program Host:

Asia Coach Center

Program Organizer:

Hong Kong Professional Coach Collaboration Co. Ltd. (HKPCC)

Course Fee:

Module 1 fee: HK$19,800
Module 2 fee: HK$19,800
Module 3 fee: HK$19,800
Module 4 fee:         HK$23,800
Module 1 – 3 fee:    HK$59,400             
Module 1 – 4 fee: HK$83,200            

Early Bird 10% Discount-off on or before 6 July 2020

Module 1 fee (One-off Payment): HK$17,820
Module 1 – 3 (One-off Payment):           HK$48,114
Module 1 – 4 (One-off Payment):           HK$67,392

After early-bird period 6 July 2020,

Module 1 – 3 (One-off Payment):           HK$53,460
Module 1 – 4 (One-off Payment):           HK$74,880

*Deposit: 30% of the total fee (Non-refundable) by registration; the rest of the payment should be settled a week before the class.

**All graduates are entitled to 1 free retake of the course (M1-M3) either online or offline subject to the arrangement by the program host.

Apply / Enquiry:
Contact Ms. Ada So at Tel +852 6139 2626

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