Pillar Coaching Program (ICF PCC 國際認證教練)

想像一個教練培訓計劃適用於不同人們發展的優勢,包括和超越參與者的知識,各種教練技能,最重要的是整合思維、感覺和行動的發展,以促進客戶在日常應用中的轉變 ,對客戶的個人和職業生涯都很重要的增長領域。



加第二階段三個現場的週末 PCC

10 小時 ICF ACC, PCC 申請時各需要 10 小時的教練督導(小組 7 小時)
每個參與者需要 3 小時作為單獨的會話 (zoom)    

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Certified Co-Creative Professional Coach (CCPC) Certification Program

Certified Co-Creative Professional Coach (CCPC) certification program lays the foundation of coaching competencies and professional coaching process.

The Certified Co-Creative Professional Coaching Certification Program (CCPC) is conducted over 4 modules through face-to-face training or online synchronous and asynchronous training and coaching. English will be the main mode of delivery (unless otherwise stated). Our focus is in creating results for our coaches, and the training follows the ICF core competency and professional standards. The modules will be delivered through active learning, with theories, demonstrations, practice, reflections and case studies. The program is hands on, direct feedback and application of theories to integrate learnings deeply.

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《 Coaching Supervision 督導》— “你是誰”就是你教練的方式


Supervision – who you are is how you coachSupervision is a place to bring our concerns and achievements, our ideas for exploration and our questions for enrichment. Such space would be at the heart of our coaching practices, and keep us centered, resilient and energized.

Date 日期: 18th Aug 2022
Time 時間: 9:00-10:30pm
Ticket 票價: FREE 免費
Language 語言: Cantonese 廣東話

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Transformative Co-Creative Professional Coaching (TCPC) Certification Program

Transformative Co-Creative Professional Coaching (TCPC) certification program advances the coach’s skillset and coaching mastery. Through the advance applications of Co-Creative Conversational Flow, learners will deepen their competencies through a more expansive learning experience. Discover new co-creative conversational toolkits and techniques. Sharpen their coaching precision and create transformative change for their clients. Level 2 program focuses […]

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CCPC info session

ICF Certified Coach Online Info Session

由ICF大師級教練Jedidiah為你親身介紹教練學, 及解答你心目中的疑難!!
講者: Jedidiah Alex Koh (ICF MCC)
日期: 2022年2月8日(星期二)
時間: 9:30 PM – 10:30 PM
活動平台: Zoom
語言: 英文, 並有廣東話翻譯
報名連結: https://bit.ly/3fLbW5X
查詢: wa.me/85294496128

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