Leader of Leaders Certification Program

Learn how to be a leader of leaders by transforming your followers to be a team of leaders.

To be competitive in the 21st century, our teams need to be highly productive and autonomous. The world is changing at an enormous pace. Industries, such as digital marketing and crypto-currency, that are thriving today did not exist merely a decade ago. At the same time, some industries may cease to exist in the foreseeable future. To be able to adapt, react, and compete in such a fast-changing environment, you need a team that is highly motivated, highly agile, highly productive, and highly efficient. In other words, you can no longer just have a team of followers, you need a team of leaders. You, need to become the leader of leaders.


For the best part of the 20th century, most of the business world subscribes to the concept of Scientific Management. A management philosophy made famous by Frederick Taylor back in 1918. Taylor proposed, to maximize efficiency, management needs to use proper reward and punishment to motivate workers. This was the origin of the Carrots and Sticks management style. A hundred years later, most of the business world is still using some form of carrots and sticks system.

This basic reward and punishment system worked wonders when most workers are in factories. When most of the work is repetitive and requires little cognitive functions, the system proposed by Taylor creates highly productive teams.

As the world moved more into a service economy, the need for factory workers diminished dramatically. Thus, scientific management can no longer create productive teams. Instead, we found that the old reward and punishment system demotivates workers, the same system that used to work now creates disgruntled team members. Taylorism is no longer applicable.

The psychology world has known what motivates people for a long time. In 1943, Abraham Maslow published the Hierarchy of Needs. Maslow proposed as needs are fulfilled, one moves from physiological needs, such as food, water, and safety, to psychological needs such as belongings and self-esteem, and ultimately toward self-actualization.

While Taylorism addresses physiological needs, we need a system that addresses the higher-level of needs. The business world needs to climb the Hierarchy of Needs.

Instead of assuming workers as followers, we need to assume our team members are leaders. Better yet, we need an environment where we cultivate and grow leaders. The Leader of Leaders program is designed to provide you with practical tools to create such an environment.

About the Program

The Leader of leaders program is designed for managers, team leads, executives, and CEOs who want to transform their leadership skills and create highly effective winning teams. The program takes a particle approach in guiding participants on the journey to evolve their leadership skills.

Lesson 1: The leader of leaders mindset
Lesson 2: Hiring A-Players. How to recognize and recruit key players.
Lesson 3: Motivation 3.0 The secret of intrinsic motivation
Lesson 4: Effective delegation. Creating a team that can read your mind.
Lesson 5: Operation efficiency, with OKR and Scrum
Lesson 6: Dealing with difficult team members


The Leader of Leaders program has 3 key components:

  1. Asynchronous video lessons
  2. Offline exercises
  3. Synchronous discussion sessions

Each lesson has all 3 components. Participants are required to complete the asynchronous video lesson as well as the corresponding exercise prior to joining each synchronous session. The asynchronous video lessons provide foundational information for each lesson. Participants can go through the video at their own pace. The offline exercises are designed to put the lessons to use. Through these exercises, participants learn to apply the skills in their particular business cases. The synchronous discussion sessions are the most important piece of the puzzle. These discussion sessions allow participants to clear any misunderstanding of the material. By reviewing each other’s answers to the exercise, participants gain an extra layer of understanding through others’ points of view.

This is a highly involved program. Full commitment is required in order to achieve the desired benefit of the program.

Values of the Program

This practical program aims to unlock the participants’ full leadership potential. By using proven techniques, participants learn how to effectively cultivate, motivate, and grow team members. Completing the program allows participants to equip themselves with industries’ best and most up-to-date knowledge in leadership. The knowledge not only allows participants to grow as leaders but also gain an unmatched competitive advantage in the job market.


The Leader of Leaders program strives to achieve the following objectives. The program aims to allow participants:

  • Becoming better versions of themselves.
  • Understand what motivate team members.
  • Ability to create a leadership environment.
  • Ability to cultivate a mutually trusting relationship between team members.
  • Understand how to work with even the most difficult team members by understanding why they behave the way they did.

And above all, how to become a leader of leaders.

Program Schedule

Date: 10, 17, 24, 31 Mar 2021 and 7, 14 Apr 2021
Time: 8:30PM – 10:30PM
Language: Cantonese
Fee: HKD$8,800

Early bird Offer

HKD$6,800 (on or before 24 Feb 2021)

Enrolment: http://bit.ly/3nTKnKp
Enquiry: +852 9449 6128

Preview Workshop of Leader of Leaders Certification Program
Date: 13 Jan 2020
Time: 10:00 am – 11:00 am
Trainer: Sze Wong
Language: Cantonese
Registration: http://bit.ly/37Apnmg
Enquiry: wa.me/85294496128