The first program in Hong Kong to integrate mindfulness and coaching into Human Resources Management. 


Being the first program in Hong Kong to integrate mindfulness and coaching into Human Resources Management, this program aims to fulfill today’s society needs of talents. Transcending the intellectual-led business management model, this program provides a comprehensive personality and skills training. The purpose of the program is to foster the psychological quality of the employees of enterprises in order to cope with the post-COVID world. By managing the talents more effectively both internally and externally, this program is the best choice for HRM in creating highly effective teams.

About the Program

A Mindfulness Coach is critical to enhancing employee engagement and productivity. The program is designed to help HR and Training Professionals revamp and uplift their coaching and training skills. You will learn mindfulness practices and techniques tailored to your situation, which you can take away and apply in the workplace or other aspects in your life.

Nowadays, cutting-edge technology institutions and international companies are regarding talents as one of the most valuable assets. They have all been trained on mindfulness and coaching. Faced with the rapidly changing business environment, they can no longer rely solely on task-based management style. The role of manager has been evolved as a coach, who is able to explore and utilize team members’ strengths, internal and external, and build a cohesive performing team in turn.

Mindfulness training can effectively reduce work pressure and reduce the risk of job burnout, improve productivity and engagement, reduce unnecessary employee turnover for the company, and recruit top talents. Continuous training of employees’ mindfulness can promote creativity and innovative thinking, and increase the company’s competitiveness in the industry.

Mindfulness Coaching

According to the latest institutional research, mindfulness training brings the following top 5 benefits:
*30% reduction in perceived stress
*50% reduction in the number of high-pressure episodes
*13% increase in flexibility 
*15% increase in work commitment and vitality
*50% reduction in employee burnout

A coach helps clients see what they want, believe in it and eliminate any obstacles along the way. A mindfulness coach achieves breakthrough results by shifting one’s perspective and creating space in approaching obstacles. The Mindfulness Coaching methodology has been well recognized and successfully adopted by many companies include McKinsey, Google, Yahoo, Apple and Nike.

Program Objective:

*To develop One-One Coaching and Team Coaching Skills
*To design and delivery Team Trainings for talents development
*To be an accredited Mindfulness Work Trainer
*To improve performance by Mental Health management
*To create a Mindfulness Coaching Culture in the Workplace 
*To learn how to use Mindfulness techniques with others

Course Features: 

*Hybrid class combining Online and Offline learning which utilizing the interactive and experiential activities, lectures and small group discussion.
*Two Masterful Trainers, Ms. Avia So and Ms. Ada So, with focus on Mindfulness and Coaching respectively.
*Presented as experiential learning in small groups.
*1-year free consultation by email.
*Combining Theory with Practical tactics so that you will be able to tailor-made your own version of coaching and training.
*Cantonese with English Materials.


A mindfulness coach is critical to enhancing employee engagement and productivity.

Module 1: Fundamental of Mindfulness Coaching 

This type of session gives people the opportunity to find out what mindfulness and coaching is (and isn’t), as well as the ‘whys’ and the ‘hows’ of practicing them. In addition to learning about the science underpinning why mindfulness works, participants get to experience mindfulness practices for themselves.

*Foundation Skills & Concept of Mindfulness
*Foundation Skills & Concept of Coaching
*Listening & Giving Supportive Feedback
*Understanding the Way your staff See the World
*The Science of Mindfulness
*Mindfulness Coaching application and examples of SEMs & MNCs
*Code of Ethics 

Module 2: Self & One-One Mindfulness Coaching

Learn different mindfulness methods and coaching models to improve common situations in the workplace for yourself and your colleagues. Real cases study and role play on employees’ common psychological, emotional and behavioral problems. Be a humanistic leader with empathy, you will master a skill of “PLQ (Pause/Listen/Question)”. 

*Emotional Intelligence in Workplace
*Performance Coaching Model (KPI/OKR)
*Problem Solving 
*Mindfulness Relaxation and Stress Reduction
*Conflict Management
*Unlocking Human Potential

Module 3: Practitioner Training

To be a qualified practitioner, one must design and organize workshops and group activities with different requirements of the company.  You will manage the standards of equipment and environment requested, prepare proposal, delivery the training and make the appropriate report of the event. Workshops and activities include creativity (such as new products designing), growth mindset training, meditation and positive workplace, performance improvement and etc.

*Communication Skills Workshop
*Change Management Workshop
*Employee Engagement & Empowerment Workshop
*Positive Thinking Workshop
*Growth Mindset Workshop
*Innovation Business Model Workshop 
*Coaching Leadership Workshop
*Well Being Mindfulness Workshop
*Resilience Training Workshop
*Mindfulness Environment Set up

Who Needs the Training

*HRM professionals who need enhance people management skill.
*Corporate Trainers want to be an accredited Coaching and Mindfulness Trainer.
*Organization Managements & Leaders who want to be more productive and less distracted.
*Anyone who wants to enjoy their work as well as their life more.
*Business owners want greater creative focus and clarity.

To qualify for the program certificate, participants are required to fulfill ALL of the requirements below: 

*MCFC (Mindfulness Coaching Foundation Certificate Program) completed
*A minimum of 75% attendance of the full program 
*A pass mark in the end-of-term assessment: Project Paper

Who we are

Avia So is a certified MBSEL Trainer (Mindfulness Based Social Emotional Learning Trainer). She has trained over 300 people on mindfulness in Business Centers, Primary and Secondary Schools, Mental Health Service Centers and Welfare Centers. Avia is the founder of Angelic Ascension Academy and has over 15 years teaching experiences.

Ada So is a Mindfulness Business Coach, with a Master Degree in Marketing. As a trainer and coach, Ada provided over 500 hours of training and coaching to over 1000 organizational leaders.
Qualifications: Registered Corporate Coach (RCC™) (WABC) • ICF Certified Coach • Global Career Development Facilitator (GCDF™) (NBCC) • Certified NLP Practitioner Coach (ABNLP) • Registered Hypnotherapist (ABH)

Class Schedule

4 Jan 2023 – 26 Mar 2023

Online – Wed, 8:30PM – 10:30PM
Onsite – Sun, 10:00PM – 1:00PM


Course structure
Training 20hrs + Credentialing Assessment 10hrs 

Course Schedule
4, 11, 29, Jan 2023 | 12, 22 Feb 2023 | 1, 12, 26 Mar 2023