Transformative Co-Creative Professional Coaching (TCPC) certification program advances the coach’s skillset and coaching mastery. Through the advance applications of Co-Creative Conversational Flow, learners will deepen their competencies through a more expansive learning experience. Discover new co-creative conversational toolkits and techniques. Sharpen their coaching precision and create transformative change for their clients. Level 2 program focuses on the transformative journey of the client and how coaches can support them  through sustainable change and progressive growth. Upon the completion of the training program, learners will embark on their preparation of their final performance evaluation at Level 2 standard, gaining real-world practice and cross-cultural learning. 

After completing the rigorous learning and evaluation process, the learner will receive their results of their coaching performance evaluation. A pass will entitle the learner the prestigious recognition of a Transformative Co-Creative Professional Coach (TCPC) and receive a Level 2 Certificate signifying their successful completion of the certification process. 

Program Overview

Modules Covered

Core 1 : Good to Great Coaching​

Core 2 : Co-Creative Coaching Conversations​

Core 3 : The Deep Dive – Evoking Awareness​

Core 4 : Leap! Transforming Insights to Actioning 

Core 5 : Advance Co-Creative Coaching Conversations​

Core 6 : The Point of Difference – Thoughts Emotions Behaviors​

Core 7 : Transformative Coaching – Whole of Person Approach​

Core 8 : The Habit of Change – Sustainable Growth and Performance States

TCPC – Assessment

1.Complete Phase 1 & Phase 2 Core Coaching Training ​

2.Complete Level 2 Mentor Coaching  ​

3.Complete Level 2 Assessment (Performance Evaluation at PCC Level)​

Upon the submission of their final performance evaluation, the assessment board will evaluate the Coach’s Performance Evaluation at the PCC level.

Upon successful completion of all Level 2 program requirements, the learner will be awarded the Level 2 Certification and be recognized as:​ Transformative Co-Creative Professional Coach (TCPC)

​With the issuance of Level 2 certificate to the learner, they may proceed towards their ICF PCC Credentialing application.

Master Trainer Coach’s Profile and Accreditation

Jedidiah Alex Koh, ICF MCC


Jedidiah is the Exponential Coach. He has empowered and equipped leaders, coaches and influencers from across 5 continents with the Art and Science of Conversational Mastery. With over a span of 13 years of coaching and impacting lives, he has been actively helping individuals and organizations to build resilience and tenacity for the future economy. 

He is the founder of Coaching Changes Lives (CCL), the leading organization in Coaching Education and Cross-Cultural Leadership. It has been the cultural bridge to offer deeper appreciation and communication engagement across the diversity of peoples and organization.

Receiving a Master’s Degree in Leadership in Organizational Learning, Certified C-Suite Leadership and Team Coach , Master Certified Coach with ICF, ITA NLP Trainer and Certifying Member has enabled Jedidiah to leverage on various coaching tools to help organizations and individuals achieve new levels of success and growth. 

He developed the O.M.G coaching framework build upon the ICF Core Competencies of coaching to empower coaches with coaching strategies to create breakthroughs for their clients. His coaching process focuses on helping clients gain deeper awareness and clarity, create solutioning, establish progress and accountability, and generate the results the client desires.

2022 Online Professional Coach Training Schedule

Program Host

Coaching Changes Lives

Program Organizer in Hong Kong

Humanistic Leadership Academy (HLA)
– Academic institution by Hong Kong Professional Coach Collaboration Co. Ltd. (HKPCC 香港專業教練)

Transformative Co-Creative Professional Coaching (TCPC)

ICF Level 2 Coaching Education, PCC credential

July 2022English21 Jul, 4 Aug, 1 Sep, 22 Sep

Coaching Practicum
28 Jul, 11 Aug, 18 Aug, 8 Sep,
15 Sep, 29 Sep
(GMT+8) 20:00 – 22:30, HKT
Nov 2022*English teaching;
Cantonese interpretation
19, 20, 27 Nov 2022(GMT+8) 9:00 – 17:00, HKT
*Choice of English or Cantonese in practice sessions.
All study materials are in English
All classes are equivalent to ICF ACSTH or ACTP coach training program
The program is available for ICF CCE units claim

If you are seeking ICF ACC credential program, you may refer to the program table below.

Certified Co-Creative Professional Coach (CCPC)

ICF Level 1 Coaching Education, ACC credential

April 2022*English teaching;
Cantonese interpretation
9, 23, 24 Apr(GMT+8) 9:00 – 17:00, HKT
July 2022*English teaching;
Cantonese interpretation
23, 24, 31 Jul(GMT+8) 9:00 – 17:00, HKT
Aug 2022English31 Aug, 14 Sep, 28 Sep, 26 Oct

Coaching Practicum
7 Sep, 21 Sep, 12 Oct, 19 Oct, 2 Nov
(GMT+8) 20:00 – 10:30, HKT
*Choice of English or Cantonese in practice sessions.
All study materials are in English
All classes are equivalent to ICF ACSTH or ACTP coach training program
The program is available for ICF CCE units claim

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