自我正念教練的10堂課 (Online Class)

Masterful Your Mind Mindfully (MYMM)


1. 情商 15/7
2. 衝突化解與轉化 29/7
3. Mindfulness 理論與實踐 5/8
4. 目標與行動計畫 19/8
5. 自信與謙虛建立 16/9
6. 提升快樂幸福感 30/9
7. 時間管理 21/10
8. 自我反思 4/11
9. 行動力與耐力 18/11
10. 拖延症 2/12
11. 情商 6/1(2022)
12. 衝突化解與轉化 13/1 (2022)
13. Mindfulness 理論與實踐 20/1 (2022)

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Mindfulness Coaching Foundation Certificate Program – HRM (MCFC-HRM) (Hybrid Class)

The first program in Hong Kong to integrate mindfulness and coaching into Human Resources Management.

Mindfulness training can effectively reduce work pressure and reduce the risk of job burnout, improve productivity and engagement, reduce unnecessary employee turnover for the company, and recruit top talents.

*Foundation Skills & Concept of Mindfulness and Coaching
*Self & One-One Mindfulness Coaching Models
*Performance Coaching (KPI/OKR)
*Mindfulness Relaxation and Stress Reduction

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Mindfulness Coaching Practitioner Certificate Program – HRM  (MCPC-HRM) (Hybrid Class)

The purpose of the program is to foster the psychological quality of the employees of enterprises in order to cope with the post-COVID world. By managing the talents more effectively both internally and externally, this program is the best choice for HRM in creating highly effective teams.

Mindfulness training top 5 benefits:
*30% reduction in perceived stress
*50% reduction in the number of high-pressure episodes
*13% increase in flexibility 
*15% increase in work commitment and vitality
*50% reduction in employee burnout

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