Critical Competency for HR

Critical Competency for HR

領導者成為教練 – 這將會人力資源管理者在2021年的關鍵能力。
Leaders as Coaches – the critical competency of coaching for HR in 2021.

More than ever before, HR leaders are called to build a more resilient and agile workforce. With the rise of economic uncertainty, organizations today need to rapidly evolving and transformation becomes a daily routine. What is one key competency that HR leaders need today? Coaching.

教練不是要告訴團隊或領導者該做什麼,教練是要與團隊進行合作,引發改變並帶來更高的工作績效表現和積極性。 人力資源領導者作為一位教練,能夠使企業組織有更高的適應力, 驅使人員之間建立更緊密的聯繫,產生更大的協同作用和一致性。
Coaching isn’t about telling teams or leaders what to do, coaching is about partnering teams, in a way that inspires change and lead to greater performance and responsiveness. The HR leader as a coach allows for the organization to be more resilient and able to connect with the people of the organization to create greater synergy and alignment.

In this online workshop, we will explore the 3 key strategies of coaching that benefit HR leaders and organizations that will allow for greater ownership, responsibility and progress for the team.

In the online workshop we will explore:

1) 以反思式問詢來提升察覺和團隊績效的力量
The power of reflective inquiry for awareness and team performance
2) 溝通的行為信念模型
The behavioral-belief model of communication
3) 系統思維: 從戰術性思維到策略性思維
System thinking from tactical to strategic mindset

The cutting edge for HR is the ability to coach their people masterfully, it is this human engagement that will inspire commitment and growth for the organization.

Join us for an immersive time as we explore the future of HR.

Free Online Workshop

導師 Trainer: Jedidiah Alex Koh (ICF, MCC)
日期/時間 Date/Time: Wed, 19 May (10:30am – 12:00pm)
語言 Language: Speaking in English 英語講授 (廣東話傳譯)
費用: 全免 Free of Charge
形式: Zoom online
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